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The Mirador Hotel Presents Mishri: Sweetness Redefined, Pure for sure!

Embark on a delightful journey like never before as The Mirador Hotel introduces Mishri, a haven of sweetness that transcends taste to become a cherished story in your life. Mishri at The Mirador Hotel, Andheri East opened its doors on the 14th of December as it promises to indulge patrons in the purest form of love through a delectable array of sweets and savouries!

Mishri (Rock Sugar, or Sugar Candy in English), is more than just a sweet shop; it's a narrative of special moments that stand by you in every phase of life. Rooted in tradition, Mishri draws inspiration from its sacred association as a "Prasad" offered to Hindu deities. In Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna presented a "Bhog" of MakkhanMishri – white butter and sugar candy, representing the divine and the pure.

At Mishri, our menu is a soul stirring tapestry of saccharine wonders, and our specials take center stage, promising an extraordinary sensory experience. From the rich, nutty embrace of Anjeer & Date Burfee to the exotic allure of Tiramisu, each creation is a masterpiece in itself. Dive into the exquisite world of Chocolate Based Mithai with the luxurious Malai Barfee or savor the unique fusion of flavors in our Sugar-Free Kaacha Gola Sandesh. The Flavored Milk varieties by Mishri present a refreshing twist, featuring gems like Nutty Choco Hazelnut Milk and the tropical delight of Kesar Banganapalle Milk. Let Mishri be your guide through a symphony of tastes, where tradition meets innovation in every delectable bite. Mishri doesn't stop at sweets – it offers an assortment of savory delights, including Punjabi Samosa, Masala Ghugara, and Nylon Khaman, ensuring a perfect balance for every palate.

Beyond its exquisite taste, Mishri holds medicinal value according to Ayurveda. Each sweet at the Shop is thoughtfully prepared to impart various health benefits, such as improving eyesight, alleviating fatigue, acting as a laxative, enhancing strength, and balancing bodily functions.

Mishri at The Mirador Hotel is not just a sweet shop; it's an experience that blends age old recipes with modern and contemporary offerings. A mélange of sinful flavors, fragrances and pleasing colors await to stir your senses. One would only leave touched with nostalgia and wrapped in memories with every moment spent there.

So join us for an enchanting experience of blissful gratification and satisfy your sweet cravings at Mishri by the The Mirador Hotel.