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  • The Mirador Hotel, Mumbai - Biskotti, a 24 hrs Coffee Shop
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  • The Mirador Hotel, Mumbai - Biskotti The Cake Cafe


Biskotti will take you on a mouth trip that is out of this world. Embrace a new and elite coffee culture at the best in class coffeehouse of Mirador and witness an exceptional coffee experience. Delighting the hearts of the coffee lovers from all over the world, here, at Biskotti we bet you will not want to get out of your seats — unless it's to call for more coffee. So order for coffee brewed over ice while you sit at the bar or dip your freshly baked conchitas into the piping-hot cappuccino and experience a fresh morning like never before.


"The Biskotti pudding was the best pudding I have ever tasted in my life."
Rohan Thomas

"Me and my friends, we had just gone once ay Biskotti and ask me what? Now every time we plan to meet, we meet at Biskotti. In sort it's not just a café bar, it's an addiction."


9 AM to 8 PM (Mon-Sat)

Location: 1st Floor, Mirador

About Services

Enjoy our unique set of starters carefully selected across asia. Surprise yourself with delicacies that gives you a delicious start.

About Services

Our wide and extensive buffet are carefully selected from pan asian favourites.We also have a live counter to fullfill your unique tastes.

About Services

Enjoy our inhouse baked desserts. From Cheese Cakes to Chocolate Mousse, we have a wide range of desserts to fullfil your tastebuds.